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Originally Posted by pjs View Post
My thoughts from another week on the motorways

1- I have belatedly discovered the joy of being able to fill the car up from the 'wrong' side quite easily when everyone is queueing for the right hand side fillers. Got to position the car well, but worth it to do it effortlessly to the bemusement/frustration of others. Just yank the hose and it keeps coming.

2 - When it is busy, why wont the retard in front just pull there car forward a bit so I can fill up as they wander aimlessly round the shop making a chuffing latte. I do this whenever I can and people look at me very amazed but grateful

3 - why does it cost more for a bit of malt loaf (usually 80p) when a full loaf in the supermarket it less (usually 70p)

4 - Why dont I get a diesel so I stop far less.

LOL Paul, luv your observations on real life.

1. I often do this as I've got a pair of functioning arms that are capable of holding the hose. Shell's pump hoses will pull out a fair distance and use the left arm to hold it off the paintwork - simple. But yes it is amusing seeing others sitting there thinking 'wish I'd done that'

2. Have done this if I'm at the 2nd pump and the one in front is free so at least 1 car can start to fill up.

3. Because they play on peoples lazyness imo and 'convenience'. They're often open 24 hrs etc. What pisses me off is if they don't have two cashiers on so a queue forms. The reason I REFUSE to go to the Esso garage up the road that has a Tesco shop inside because the queues are ridiculous. There are 3 tills so open the buggers up ffs!

4. 'Cos you're a petrol head Unless I was doing mega mileage Paul I would stick with a petrol engine and all that entails. The Shell garages near me have 'peak' times. Early workday mornings are a breeze to fill up.