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Originally Posted by JOYRIIDE1113 View Post
There are times that I feel good and confident, and there are times like these that I leave soo angry I cannot get the thought out of my head.
I know what you mean. Do you ever leave the gym replaying the scenario in your head thinking if you had trapped this arm, passed this leg, shifted your base, etc. then you would've done better? I do that sometimes haha.

I remember when I first began training I was getting tapped fairly regularly because not only was I training with the experienced white belts, but because I was impatient. As they say, "position before submission." It helped when I got submitted by someone, I'd ask them after class to show me how they set it up, so that way I learned how to attack someone else with the same moves, and also to defend it in the future since I recognized what they were doing. I don't see tapping during training as a bad thing since it's a learning experience (unless you tap to the same move every time haha), but it definitely feels good to submit someone else.

If you're ever around the NYC area, drop a line if you need a training partner, or if you want to check out Renzo's academy.