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Originally Posted by Rochester BMW View Post
I am getting serious greif off the wife about how dangerous it is... and that its a death wish etc etc....
Ok lee lets start the case for:

This is not a race track

During public sessions, its legal status is that of a one-way public toll-road with no speed limit (except on the approach to the two exits). Vehicles must be 100% road-legal (including tyres), and normal German road traffic law applies.

Note it is a one way road.. got to be safer than a normal high way:rocks:

<thats me done anyone want to add>

However please bare in mind that they are all right to a degree:

The Case Against:

This is a dangerous road, and serious accidents are an everyday occurence.

Adenau police station in September 2002 reported Nordschleife 10 fatalities between January and September that year

fully check out Ben Lovejoys site / (who I credit for the above text)

and make an informed decision.