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Average repairs to 320d after 50k miles?

Posted this in general but with hindsight think I probably should have posted here...

I have a 2005 e90 320d and has now reached 50,000 miles and I intend to keep it long term.

My extended 3rd party warranty I've had on it since it was 3 years old is expiring tomorrow and they are asking if I would like to renew it - one year for 299 or two years for 539 - this covers any repair no matter how major or minor, an unlimited amount of times up to the value of the entire car with genuine BMW parts etc

What I'm trying to work out is what problems/repairs am I likely to run in to between 50-80k miles? Would the warranty be worth its cost? What are the experiences of those of you with a high milage 320d?

Thanks in advance