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Originally Posted by kaishang View Post
Ouch! It made me cringe just looking at the pics.

If you go to the supermarket, park a loooonnng way from the entrance.

I also:
1. Don't park next to cars with child seats or obvious signs of kids
2. Don't park next to old beaters
3. If I have to park next to an old beater, check that it has door rubbing strips on it
4. Don't park next to trolley collection area
5. Don't park next to 2-door cars
Haha good advice, like it. Although you forgot number 6, Transit vans.
Trouble is, you can't control it if THEY park next to YOU when you're in the shop.
Would it really be that hard for trolleys to hava a soft plastic "bumper" around them? Would save all this grief. Still get the door dings though.....