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Originally Posted by scottc View Post
Unfortunatly I dont agree with all the tax credit stuff, if you want kids then have them but dont expect the government to help you out. At the end of the day it's everyones choice whether to have kids, if you cant afford it then dont do it. And to say tax the higher earners just drives me mad, why should anyone that doesnt have kids pay for other people to have kids.

I am sure my opinion will pi** some people off but to me it's simple, if you cant afford to have kids then dont have them.
Most people on this forum with kids, I would assume, can afford to have them. The money from child benefits helps. I don't spend it on carry outs and drugs. We now have a Chancellor take that assistance away from only a select group who mostly through hard work and sacrafice have managed to provide a better standard of living for their family. It's now the case that my tax dollar provides families with higher earnings than my own with benefits that I am no longer entitled to.

His justification of this is, it would be too tricky to work out a fairer system.

Your opinion doesn't piss me off for what it's worth, but it's just an "I'm all right Jack attitude. Fuck everyone else." I think the fact you mentioned it, maybe you were intending to piss some people off.

Let's raise the tax rate to 60% for earners over 50,000 the fuckers can afford it. doesn't effect me. Same attitude but entirely unfair.
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