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Well well well, what a shower of lying shits.

This is the wrong thing to do. im sure most people can see this? Everyone i know is talking about it and saying its a bad move.

Ill tell you why he hasnt done it on household income, because then he would be alienating a lot of the lower tax payers (85% of the population), and that would be even more disastrous than this backward move.

We need to grow ourselves back into the black not slash/cutback, itll all end in tears.

Im going to loose money, fortunately for me its something i can soak up, but a lot of other people will struggle because of this.

In a bizarre way im happy, as the more cock ups these cretins make the sooner labour will regain power.

Whatever the blues say labour were not the cause of the WOLRDWIDE economic crisis and up until that we were all having a fair time of it. The bank bailout was the real reason for the massive debt etc but UKPLC has made money on that investment, if it were to sell today.

We need jobs and investment in people thats the only way the country will survive longterm.

PS Why has osbourne let off Vodafone of 6BN in taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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