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Originally Posted by NFS View Post
Exactly, don't forget that the couple next door earning 85k between them also get double the tax allowances of the family where one parent earns 45k.
I haven't read the whole thread so apologies if this has been covered. What about the additional cost to the working couple of child care? That's going to be 400-600 a month they have no choice about paying. Or does one of them give up work?

I'm probably in the "worst off" category here as I earn well over the cut off and my wife works part time and under it. We'll lose the benefit and still have to pay childcare. I can't say as I've noticed the "benefit" anyway.

At the end of the day we all know there's going to be a price to pay for getting us out of the sh!t Labour got us into. Will I be pissed off with all the benefit cheats and scroungers out there? Of course but that's nothing new!
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