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Some good points about scumbags breeding just as much and the middle/educated working class folk waiting longer to secure their financial futures before having kids.

This could be something that becomes real enough that by the time the Tories are out again in a few years, the next government is forced to pick up and deal with.... Just as in many ways, Thatcher/Major were responsible for creating a thieving scrote class which sits below working class and were happy to blame it on Labour. Who simply compounded the problem rather than doing the right thing and chemically sterilising the fucking lot of them.

There is a controversial view for you.

I have long stated this fact.... During the period of time you are infringing on someone elses human rights, by being in their home, stealing from them or whatever, you should be exempt from the protection of human rights.

So those who are in fact cheating the benefit system (either legally or not) by their spawning of illigitimate, unloved, future convict little bastards should be forced to suffer the consequences in a way which ABSOLUTELY makes the next one think.

I've also often said, hang a man for murder and at least five more will think twice before killing anyone.

Extreme? Yeah. But you know me by now