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Some ineteresting posts. So an extension of the arguement that that says better off people shouldn't get Child Allowance is that Better off people shouldn't get the State Pension, which you could argue is a 'benefit' . If 'they' try fcuking with that they are not playing with fire but with an inferno.

My rationale is that I pay taxes, lots and lots of taxes to be honest, more than 26K a year between myself and my wife. Therefore, I am paying for my State Pension amounsgt other things and I would consider the Child Allowance to be nothing more than tiny tiny tax rebate - to which i am (was) fully entitled.

Originally Posted by Steve A View Post
Whatever the blues say labour were not the cause of the WOLRDWIDE economic crisis and up until that we were all having a fair time of it. The bank bailout was the real reason for the massive debt etc but UKPLC has made money on that investment, if it were to sell today.
Steve, no one doubts it was a Worldwide recession, it is more that Brown spent and spent and spent and spent (our money) some of which he didn't have and it is that legacy he left.

I agree sell the bank shares, that would be at least 60Bn.