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Originally Posted by Brunotheboxer View Post
i'm not arguing with you either just having a discussion. i agree with most of what you say above except that you omit one important fact. most street fighter have 10x more instinct than a formally trained fighter. and when you say that most streetfighters have no technigue or skill, i could not disagree with you more.
any streetfighter that gets off 10 punches and lands just 3 well then the fight is all over right there because to me that is the difference. a streetfighter will take a shot to give a shot and this attitude is what wins fights. you have to have that killer instinct and do what ever it takes to win. jmo, based on real world experience growing up.
Correct, which is also why MMA clubs, atleast where Im at now, offer Cage Octagon fighting where anyone is welcome. Every day we roll. Unlike other Arts, MMA training requires you to actually practice your technique on another person, while that other person is being taought to defend it. There is no shadow kicking or slow formations. When its time to roll, you can do w/e you want (punch, kick, elbow, pull, choke without any real technique if you choose), only thing is that in order to actually conquer anything against the other person you have to be strategic and smart about what you are going to do. If you look at my chest, knees, you will find bruising galore. Before even going to class, I throw an Cold Gel Pack into the freezer, because I know Im going to be coming out sore and in a little pain. The fights and rolls we have in class do way more than simulate an actual streetfight, they prepare you for a streetfight against someone who knows what they are doing...

EDIT: A big convincing factor to me (I too felt a little apprehensive about MMA) is to search youtube for vids a MMA against my infamous "brawlers". Look at the vids of karate Blackbelts get owned by a blue belt BJJ. Very Very convincing and inspiring...