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Sheesh, just got the front suspension done and starting on the back. This job would have gone so much faster if I had some air tools. The wheel bearing bolts are insanely tight and I just got them loose before my 1/2" ratchet broke. Went over to a friend's house to borrow one and swapped the wheel bearing in 2 seconds to the new knuckle with the help of an impact gun.

The knuckle swap really isn't too much more work than a spring/strut swap. The only extra work consists of removing the caliper and rotor (2 18mm bolts and a small hex screw), heat shield (4 10mm bolts), removing 2 control arm nuts and 1 tie rod nut (all 21mm), and taking the wheel bearing off (4 18mm bolts I believe). Reassembly of the knuckle setup took about 5 minutes. No special tools are needed except maybe an impact to make your life 1000x easier. I have a few pics I'll post up later.

Oh, and I can definitely see where the strut was slightly bent because there was a dent where it went into the knuckle. However, I have no freakin clue how the tech could tell me the knuckle itself is bent. A friend and I both stared at it for a few minutes to see even the slightest difference between the old/new knuckle and we saw no change. Pretty sure I could have just left it alone and been fine forever, but what's done is done.

Edit: And as far as the cost of the tech doing all the work. This took me a very long time to finish because it's the first time I've even taken the wheels off my car so I wasn't familiar with the suspension at all. If I had to do this again, it would probably take me a third of the time, especially if I had the right tools. I feel like a tech could do all this work in 3-4 hours at the most, even with the knuckle swap.

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