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Healthcare is also cheaper when people go to their primary physicians for non-emergency complaints.

The system is broken, but so are the patients.

Be more upset about the pharmacies that pop up on every street corner and scam Medicare for hundreds of millions of dollars exploiting a hole in the way Medicare pays first and asks questions later.

Don't be upset at the doctors if you got good service & care, often times they have no control of the bill - except for when they are contracted by the hospital as opposed to being employed by the hospital. Be upset about your insurance companies and world constituents that drive up the healthcare costs. Be upset about the people that come in to the ERs daily seeking pain medication for sale on the street. Be upset for the people that come to the ER and MAKE UP symptoms so that they can get a million dollar work up just to convince them that there's nothing wrong with them.

Your concerns are valid, but the problem doesn't even start with the hospitals or doctors. It begins with an awful insurance system based on greed, a legal system that forces physicians to practice defensively as opposed to appropriately, (the list of corruption goes on); all which force hospitals to increase costs just to get a lower negotiating number and eventually makes it back to the non-Medicaid or self pay patient.