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Front Dome

The original DIY pictures on how to remove the front dome is almost one of the hardest ways to do it, As mentioned before me.

removing the small screw inside the small tab on the sun visor hook makes it way easier for the headliner to drop down. just do it for both sides and should be done in no time....

If your center LED's are not turning on its because you need to keep turning the bulb until it lights up...if that doesnt work turn the bulb holder also and try different combinations until it turns on...just remember interior lighting also turns off after a period of you might also just want to close and reopen the doors.

I was on a role until i got to the front dome..took me an extra half our to figure how to get to the bulbs.

I got my kit from i have some pieces left over that came inside with the LED's for the front and rear dome...dont know what they are for.. anyone know?