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Originally Posted by chris_s1 View Post
Sickening just too look at, I feel for you mate, similar happened to me not long ago. Other people's lack of consideration and general stupidity knows no bounds.

I agree with all the comments about parking far away, but for some reason, no matter where I park, whenever I come back, someone is parked right up close next to me......even if there are 20 empty spaces either side and I'm half a mile away from the store......makes me so angry - what is wrong with these people?
Same happened to me a few days ago. Popped into the supermarket, parked in clear space well away from the door.

Anyway I am making a call home to ask if there is anything I can pick up while in the shop, just then a 1 series arrives and randomly (lotsa free spaces around) parks one space away from me, that's fine.

Less than 30 seconds later a pillock in an A4 sportline rolls up and parks in the space between us!
So now there are 3 cars all parked snugly together in the arse end of nowhere

I thought about re-starting the car and moving to another spot but thought .. really what's the point!