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Does this seem strange to anyone else?

Took the alarm to my dealer after having it sit around for a few months (always too busy to do the install). The SA calls me up later to say that the box is missing the siren and that I have to pay $230 to get a replacement. I talk to the shop manager who "gets to the bottom of it" and says the siren is in fact there, but that it doesn't work on my car (2008 e90 328xi). He says that they need to order the newer "power siren" because there's a service bulletin that basically says the old siren can't be programmed to my car. Of course the new siren can't be exchanged for the old one despite the fact that I bought the retrofit kit from an authorized dealer and it must be purchased for basically the same price as the kit.

Has anyone heard of this or seen a service bulletin stating as such?