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Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
If you bought your X5 for snow use you may be disappointed !!! The 20" wheels are rubbish in slippy conditions, you will need some kind of a winter setup. I couldn't believe how poor my X5 was last winter, my E92 was generally better!
Not really for snow use but getting out of my drive which is about 1:200 slope would be a start. The E91 335D was useless. Plus it was about to turn 3 years old when i sold it. Time to change and i didn't fancy another as the boot was too narrow for golf clubs! So the next best thing for me was the X5. As it had the same engine (similar) and would be near as the same but bigger. Will see how it goes. Might start taking a leaf out Helen and Steve's book and switch it out for something else early next year if i don't get on with it. But i loved my 335D so i can't see why i wouldn't love the X5.