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Originally Posted by Comet View Post
I dont know about you
but I want a girl who is pretty hot at all times.. not just for trophy moments
i think you missed my point...i guess i care about personality as well....

for a wife, would you take
A) An average to decent looking women with a good personality
B) A Smoking hot wife with below average personality

If the girl A looks decent without make up, and looking smoking out with make upon, whats the problem?

The girl B you are also risking of her "being around the block"

Now there is a C) A smoking hot wife with a great personality but i find these girls less than 1% of the girls population and usually as a guy you need to be special too it seems....

now if its a casual relationship, by all means go for B...
i have dated numerous girl B types and overtime, i get bored of them fast....

also fyi, i dont like girls with make up at all....