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Originally Posted by - Paul - View Post
May I ask why stop bonuses of the public sector? Bonuses are there to drive performance (same as in the private sector) - do you not see an issue with stopping them?
Because I daresay that those in line to receive those bonuses are already on signifcant salaries and we are trying to pay down the deficit.

Do you think it's ok to remove child benefit which is supposed to be an incentive to have children (with a view to them supporting our aging population as they grow up and start working/paying taxes)?

You're implying that people who receive bonuses will stop performing to the best of their ability and performance levels would drop.

Using that logic, the removal of child benefit will disincentivise people from having children, or maybe they will have only one child per family. So you have an aging population with fewer an fewer working/contributing people younger than them for support.

Of course the world doesn't work like. People will still have children regardless of child benefit being taken away. In the same breath, those public sector workers who are in it for the bonus may (or may not) walk away from their jobs if bonuses are taken away. That doesn't mean there will not be many, many people willing to fill those posts for a basic salary that I imagine is a fair chunk over 50,000p/a.

Just a thought.