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Originally Posted by - Paul - View Post
Not all are on significant salaries and some need their bonuses to go on holiday etc.

I do believe performance would drop - its an incentive to perform to your best and implement what the business wants. If people walk away into the private sector to earn those bonuses then their jobs will need to be filled. This in itself leads to poor performance in the short term whilst knowledge and experience is gained.

Dropping child benefit completely would reduce the population in my opinion (whether this is a good thing or bad is not what I'm discussing). The ones that can't afford kids without this benefit would have to think long and hard about whether they can live on the money they are receiving. A family with one partner earning 44k and the other one looking after the family (avoiding childcare costs) is on an everage income of 22k each. This is hardly big pay. In my opinion , they shoudn't have child benefit removed - it's scandalous.

"Cut your cloth" - "it's Labours fault" etc will not wash with me. These are my opinions
My point is simply that the government should be looking inwards and making real savings rather than just taxing more.