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Originally Posted by acerboo View Post
i find you, your comments, inability to deabte and your foul language extremely offensive and see no point in answering you.
You my good sir are an idiot. Your arguments are full of double standards, you are clearly a snob, not as intelligent as you'd like people to think, and when you are loosing a debate you then insult me and say Im rude.

If you take the time to re read your posts you'll find it is you that is rude and offensive, and i have been countering your offensive posts, and the only debate your good for is a masdebate with your self.

Originally Posted by toxicnerve View Post
My point is simply that the government should be looking inwards and making real savings rather than just taxing more.
i couldn't agree more. I feel though that the real savings from businesses are probably fraught with danger. Big business can fight the government us lot cant.
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