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Swings and roundabouts

Originally Posted by NFS View Post
Stupid Tory scumbag arsewipe twunting baronet

So the lying tossers are taking away our child benefit after all. Bloody Osbourne has just given every family with a higher rate tax payer a 3k paycut before tax.

Despite saying that he wouldn't do it before the election

Before the bastards were elected they were saying that the Tories would let families where one parent works share their tax allowances.

Obviously they didn't bother with that and to make matters worse they are now punishing families with a parent that looks after their kids again.

If 2 parents each earn 40K a year, they pay less tax (because they each have an allowance) and will still get full child benefit.

Wheras a family where one parent works and earns 80k a year, pay loads more tax (because they can't share allowances) and they lose their child benefit.

What happened to family values and the big society??? It's patently unfair.

A family with a parent earning 44k loses child benefit, but a family with 2 parents earning 80k between them keeps it? Idiots.
Cameron liked to talk about labour stealth taxes? This has a bigger impact on my family than any of those.

I hope all of the people that voted for these tossers are very happy.

At one stage in our history, households were taxed as a single entity. Dual salaries were added together, a married couples' allowance applied (regardless of the number of incomes), the number of dependents counted and the same allowances given for each.

Would answer all your points...a 2 x 35K income family paid the same as a 1 x 70 income family and every dependent was treated equally. Then along came Labour.

So now you've got a Coalition Government tinkering with the broken and iniquitous system they inherited.

There's no easy way to fix huge indebtedness and a nation addicted to benefits using a tax system that's been mercilessly milked and exploited for 13years. By definition, any fix is going to be unfair because its based on a fundamentally unfair system designed to favour a section of the population to the detrement of the rest. As it unwinds, all are going to suffer in one way or another.