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Originally Posted by 328idogg View Post
I have a 2009 328i sedan w/sports package that has squeaky door seals when going over bumps or when the body flexes.

This is more apparent on the rear doors and the driver's door. At highway speeds (even on bumpy highways), it's completely silent, as if air pressure is keeping the door seals from shifting/rubbing. Before I take it to the dealer, I was just curious if anyone else has come across this?

It appears to be the door seals rubbing against the black shadowline trim. I'm not sure if this would happen on cars with chrome trim. I can completely eliminate it by placing blue painter's tape on the door seals where it contacts the trim. Another way to temporarily quieten it is by applying something like Meguiar's NXT Protectant to the rubber seals, but it returns after a few days. Note that this is just on the upper-most rubber seal, which touches the trim, not the main seal which goes all the way around the door and contacts the metal body frame.

I've searched the SIBs, but the closest fixes are for X3's and 5 Series (links below). You would have thought BMW would have completely gotten rid of those poor seals.

Thanks in advance.
I own a 2010 335d and am currently experiencing the same problem. I have a US Spec'd car and live in Germany. I just received my car from the BMW dealer and they told me they had to open an inquiry with BMW because after lubricating and then replacing all the door seals, the car still makes noise. They told me the US cars and EU cars have different part numbers for the seals. They believe BMW will tell them to use the EU seals as a fix, but they are not authorized to do so until Munich allows them. I will follow up once I know more and my problem is fixed.

OT... This 335d is by far the best overall well rounded daily driver I have ever owned. What a car!
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