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Originally Posted by rjs View Post
there does seem to be a cable. see

it's seems to use the aux input for audio & the usb for control. i dont see whe a normal ipod cable & a normal 3.5mm phono jack wont work though?

i'm def getting this when i order
Got it ... the thread you posted links back to an thread and this pdf ....

So there is a specific cable which connects the dock connector to USB and 3.5mm male connection for the aux input.

So the USB is control only and the audio is via the aux input, but all through the dock connector so it will be true line out.

This is a pretty besboke little cable though. It's also really short so you won't be able to pull the ipod out of the armrest if it is connected.

I also wonder if the connection will disable the clickwheel on the ipod. I suspect it will because it will effectively go into hard disc mode.

For me personally this would be a big frustration because I doubt very much that the idrive functionallity will be as good as the clickwheel navigation.

On a non idrive car this would be even worse.

I think this looks really dissapointing.