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My winter tire package: Dunlop M3's on 17" Ronal R-38 wheels

After much deliberation on my winter tire package, I decided to go with a reputable full-service local tire shop that also offers storage for winter/summer tires. I used a set of four Dunlop Winter Sport M3 DSST and had them mounted on 17" Ronal R-38 wheels. I went with the local tire place because they'll take care of exchanging my tires every season with no additional charges. They also fix any flats on the tires for free. The package cost me ~$1800 installed. You can get it cheaper if you are able put them on/off yourself. I guess I'm just too lazy to deal with this every season and I'd rather just pull in, have my tires replaced and pull out. I am very happy with the look and the handling of these tires.

My digital camera is not available (left it behind on a trip and have not gotten it back yet), so I took some pictures with my camera phone and I apologize for the quality. I also included a picture of the wheel. I'll try to post better pictures soon.

Opinions welcome!
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