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Originally Posted by purplewidow View Post
yeah i hate apple but love the ipod!!!!! every review on the planet says the zune is crap and a joke compared to the ipod!!!!!! go spend a lil flow and get a real ipod and not the knock off microsoft zune!!! it i have 501gb of music and i would never use a zune!!! i have 3 ipods!!!

I own both... a Nano and a Zune an I can say Zune is a better mp3 player. If only for the sole reason of the subscription service.

Not to mention the better screen and interface. (also scratch resistant)

But if you want to connect your mp3 player to a BMW... get an Ipod... zune isnt supported through the head unit and prob never will. You can still connect it through the AUX port if you want but I would prefer the ability to control it and see the song titles.