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Any updates on this? Doing some research on this, found some information from the unlikeliness of sources, the Dodge Charger forums:

Apparently there is an optional multimedia interface called MyGig available for the Dodge Charger and Avenger and it is HDD based. it seems to use a PATA 30GB HDD, and a QNX4 filesystem. It is also interestingly enough made by Harmann-Becker (German Company) which I bet is the source for the iDrive system as well. It looks like in the first link I posted they are looking to do the same thing we are trying to do. Here's a link to the Mygig forums where they discuss lots of stuff regarding swapping drives:

It seems Acronis can clone a drive with QNX partitions, I wonder if it can extend them? I may see if I can get a hold of QNX4 and install it on a laptop, then try to extend a partition. still researching...

EDIT: Think I found the solution. Check out this post from

Originally Posted by syrinx
Thanks for all the info -- especially Chill! I installed a new HD in my car yestarday, and it's working great. I did it a bit differently, but got all the info from this thread.

I used a WD3200BEVE for the new drive, which is 320GB -- way too much, but the price wasn't much more. I put both the new and old drives in external cases, and connected to my desktop using USB. Then I cloned the original disk to the new one using CloneZilla. Then with both drives still attached, I booted into QNX using their live CD. I fdisk'd the new drive, and deleted the fourth partition, then created a new blank one using all remaining space. Then I formated it with initd -h /dev/hd10t80 (hd10 was the new drive). Then I copied all files from the old disk's fourth partition onto the new disk's fourth partition, except for the files in the root of the fourth partition starting with a dot -- I assume these are used by the OS. I found the qnx graphical tools useless, so just did everything from the command line to make sure I didn't mess up the original drive.

After reinstalling, I have 288 GB available for songs. That should be enough for 50 or 60 thousand songs!

Interestingly, I can mount the qnx4 partitions no problem in ubuntu. It supports qnx4 partition types out of the box using a live cd. The partition is mounted read only, but it's useful for poking around.
So it looks like it may be possible to delete the music partition once the drive has been cloned, and create a new replacement partition using the remaining space on the new HDD. Now here's the problem. I know nothing of Linux... Anyone familiar with the OS, and can help hammer out a process to delete and create partitions uning the Linux command line?

Oh, and I was able to find a few PATA HDD's:

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