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Originally Posted by m_thompson View Post
Those WD drives are only rated down to 32F when operating. The original Toshiba drive is rated to -22F. I am not sure how to compare the WD power spectral density specification for vibration to the Toshiba shock values. I would not be surprised to find that the Toshiba can handle more shock and vibration than the WD.
True, according to the published specs. I have had a carpc built into my previous car for 3-4 years, and never had a problem with the WD 160GB 2.5" SATA drive I had in it. Even on freezing mornings. I understand the original 80GB Toshiba is supposed to be "ruggedized" and able to handle a wider extreme of temps, but no one will make a automotive IDE drive, The interface is too old. However- I have not taken delivery of my 335 yet (2-1/2 more weeks!) I wil have a look to see if the interface of the 2011 is still IDE, or if they moved on to SATA.
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