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2006 330i e90 battery replacement notes

Just wanted to 'give back' to this very helpful post with some comments. Hopefully they'll be helpful to some:

- Thanks to this (and similar) threads, I didn't try to replace my 2006 330i battery with the group 48 that almost every reference lists. I looked for a group 94R battery
- Quoted prices: $179 BMW dealer, $142 Pep Boys Bosch 94R, $77 Wal-Mart Everstart Maxx 94R
- I went with the Everstart Maxx. No problems installing, the size appeared to be an exact replacement to my BMW OEM.
- In my car the plastic assembly over the positive terminal is red (it's black in this set of pictures).
- My Bentley manual told me I'd have to reset all kinds of things when replacing the battery - clock, radio, steering angle sensor, power window regulator motors, sunroof and mirror compass. When I did it, though, only the clock/date needed updating. Everything else (radio, compass, etc.) seems fine.
- I had my local (non-dealership) BMW repair shop reset/register the battery code. It took him about 10-15 minutes, only charged $25.02
- BMW price quoted at $307.02 ($179 battery, $110 labor, the rest in tax/battery fees)
- My cost: $105.02 ($77 + $3 battery fee at Wal-Mart, $25.02 code reset)