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You can now purchase TPMS sensors directly from me (even if you don't buy wheels)

You can now purchase TPMS valves and sensors for TPMS equipped 2007 BMW 3 series cars directly from me. We've had a policy change so I can now sell the sensors separately from the wheels.

Current price is $46 per corner for both the sensor and needed valve stem. Shipping on a set is usually $8-$10. These are not available on the site so call me directly at extention 386 to order.

All BMW valve sensors are currently being produced by BERU and are sold by us in two parts: the sensor component and the metal valve. The size of the sensor shouldn’t be a problem for many wheels, but if the valve hole is in the middle of the wheel’s barrel, then obviously the sensor will not fit properly. The wheel industries are aware of the valve sensors and are rushing to get most of their wheels TPMS-compatible.

If you aren't buying wheels from us *please* be sure to verify with a dealer of the wheel or the manufacturer of the wheel that you are buying that the wheel is TPMS compatible. I've already had a few forum members have to go to the trouble of shipping back sets on wheels that were not compatible with sensors.

If you have a 2006 model you have an indirect system. BMW’s indirect system will not affect the choice of switching aftermarket wheels or tires. The system runs off of the ABS/wheel-speed sensors which “count” the number of revolutions of each tire. If the right-front tire is low (25psi) it will spin faster than the left-front tire (35psi), so the ABS system will recognize this change and alert the driver with a flashing light near the gauge cluster and possibly a loud chime. Some 2007 models also have indirect systems.
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