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Here are some figures pertaining to weight from BMW


E90 MT; AT
Weight: 3593 lbs; 3605 lbs
Distribution: 50.9/49.1%; 51.1/48.9%

E92 MT; AT
Weight: 3560 lbs; 3582 lbs
Distribution: 51.2/48.9%; 51.4/48.6%

335i xDrive

E90 MT; AT
Weight: 3814 lbs; 3824 lbs
Distribution: 53.8/46.2%; 53.9/46.1%

E92 MT; AT
Weight: 3582 lbs*; 3759 lbs
Distribution: 52.2/47.8%; 53.1/46.9%

*This seems out of line, but is what is listed on and unnecessary in the following %change calculations

Aside from the steering feel, which to me was obvious, these differences are not great, as for...

...Sedans there is ~6.5% deviation in weight and ~5.9/6.1% deviation in distribution
...Coupes there is ~5.6% deviation in weight and ~3.7/4.3% deviation in distribution

These figures are not great, but exist and are quantifiable. The E90 335i 6MT has the best weight distribution, and the E92 335i 6MT is the lightest. These are the two one would expect to handle best. However, handling is very a subjective matter, and the increased grip of xDrive very well could translate into quicker acceleration and higher cornering speeds, at the expense of braking.

This is just an attempt to introduce some cited objectivity into the discussion. I purposely chose numbers that are unable to be influenced by external factors such as gas, driver, tires, conditions, and other nuances. These numbers also support my subjective observation that I preferred the handling characteristics of an E90 335i over those of the E90 335i xDrive (ZSP) and E92 335i xDrive (non ZSP), both of which I've gotten as loaner vehicles. I am not saying xDrive sucks and that no one should buy it. Just that I posted my opinion, it was ridiculed and supposedly supported by objective evidence which turned out to be unverifiable.