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Originally Posted by SPACEMANRICK View Post
I agree tires are I guess you have 4 separate sets of tires that you change each morning depending on the temperature or if it is dry or wet
There are summer performance tires with both excellent dry and wet traction. The same exists for winter tires for dry and snowy conditions. For dry conditions, temperature is just as much a factor as the threat of snow. I can't remember it off the top of my head but I believe the time to switch to winter rubber when temperatures will sustain in the mid to high 30s (Fahrenheit) and below. Maybe I'm being overtly simplistic, but this is how many have arrived at a simple 2 set system.

Summer performance for (depending on location) mid-March through mid-November
Winter/snow for mid-November through mid-March

Would having a dedicated set for warm dry, warm wet, cold dry, and cold wet offer better traction? Yes, but most consider this to be overkill. While the line is less defined in the i/xi debate, there are many who think xDrive is overkill for what they want their car to do, and the perceived negatives outweigh the aggregate increase in grip. It's simple cost-benefit and it's subjective to what one prefers in the overall driving experience.