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Originally Posted by bmwontyne View Post
Heard back from dealer who had approached BMW for goodwill today and they are not offering anything!!!!

for this failure, which is obviously a known fault hence a repair kit being produced to happen at 44,000 and BMW will accept no responsibility is a disgrace imo, i have owned my first and last BMW

now facing a 465 job just to get the car through MOT

very very disappointed...............
I wouldn't worry too much about the MOT.
I have a similar problem on my 5-er (not the hydro pump though!). I have been without DSC for over a year - being too lazy and/or overworked to take the car in again ($tealer reset an original error code, but it returned later). The car drives normally, the ABS works, but I have no traction control etc. I had no issues over the last winter and I don't miss the DSC coming in whilst cornering at speed on a bumpy road. The car sailed through its MOT with the error evident on start-up (the same as on the E90).
Why am I thinking of getting an E91???? Frying pan and fire are the words that spring to mind....