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Originally Posted by ART07 View Post
hey where did u get the bumper from? i tried looking for it but i couldnt find it
I bought it painted from a very reputable vendor/installer here in the forum, if not the most. But I was dissapointed, I thought what he sold as a kit included everything needed, I specifically asked for the ducts. Instead when I got it I got a surprise and when I contacted him he just kept arguing that the underbody panel, ducts and fender covers where not needed, that he never installs the Mtech air ducts and "it's fine". It's not, I explained above and saw for myself the OEM ducts are blocked and the underpanel is not the same, it doesn't reach completely the bumper. So, for the price, you are way better off getting it from Tischer and painting it at a body shop. In case you looked at Tischer and couldn't find it here is the link:

If you however decide to buy it from another vendor just ask for the complete parts list to avoid surprises. I did the homework and included all the exact parts and part numbers here so that you can cross-check.

Good luck!

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