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Stone Chips on my 1.5 week old e90

HI all,

Enclosed a series of pictures of the stone damage and subsequent repairs to an annoying stone damage.

I was driving along eastbound on a motorway, whilst my habit has always been to avoid driving behind or close to a big truck or driving slower on the left lane so people can cut you off (ie they have to stay on the left whilst not over taking AUSTRALIA-LHD). When not overtaking some just allow 2-3 m ahead of you and cut in front of you.

Lots of idiotic driver in Sydney Australia, they can't drive for jack, in response the government is reducing the posted speed limit to an average of 55kph, speed limit of 10(2%), 20(3%), 30(5%), 40(School zones enforced between 2-4pm in any speed area, you could be driving 100kph and got pass a school zone, not watching the time of the day and 60kph over the limit-20%), 50(20%), 60(10%), 70(10%), 80(5%), 90(5%), 100 to 110(20%)kph max! and gave their new drivers jack all in training, our public transport here is 90% never on time, people want/need to drive to keep their appointments.

There is posted speed for every 10kph!

Back to the main story, I was driving along the centre lane, then saw this truck belonging to Sydney water utility, spewing/leaking 10mm to 15mm gravel rocks on either of its sides, it was overloaded and had only travel 70-80 kph in the 90 kph motorway (slow... cause jack lives here) driving on the far left lane. Of course I was rapidly gaining on it!

I then heard the big bang mainly from the left hand glass area, got off from the freeway, got into 'car lover', high pressure wash the car, and there it was..... (2 holes, 1 scratch)

I was driving into a wall of fallen gravels great!

The damages were, one in the paintwork measuring 2mm and .5 mm deep, one in the glass area with 1mm diameter and .5mm deep crater, and as well as scratching the windscreen valance plate cover.

What a bummer, I did note down the lic. plate of the utility driver, got on the company and demand a make good, the company exec call me the next day and said to claim it through them, and it looks like the bill is going to be in the AU $5000 (Approx USD3000) mark, cause a new wind screen + bonnet respray is in order.

I touch up the paint chip to prevent it rusting; it comes out okay considering the initial damage.

I used cotton bud as touch up brush (last photo), seem to work okay, the good thing is you do not need to clean it up afterward, just get rid of it.
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