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'07 335i Sedan (E90) CPO Pricing...

Hey Folks,

Looking at an '07 335i Sedan with:

o 44k miles
o Cold Weather Package
o Sport Package
o Navigation
o 6-speed manual
o No Leather
o Assist
o Bluetooth

Took the time to look up the values in Galves, and I get 19,475 trade-in value, 20,875 market ready.

So this is what I've figured based on several recent posts here:

$ 19,475 - Trade-in value
+  1,500 - High estimate to Recondition
+  1,500 - CPO Warranty to 6yr/100,000 miles
$ 22,475
+  2,250 - 10% dealer overhead/profit
$ 24,725
+    750 - NC 3% car sales tax
+    398 - dealer doc fees
+     80 - dealer gets me a tag fee
$ 25,953 - out the door price
Seem reasonable? I basically found the car for them, all they have to do is be reasonable about the price I pay... Car is listed on the internet on BMWs CPO site for $31,950,

and while we all know that pictures on the internet lie, it looks clean. I've made a deposit to get the car from Charleston, SC to NC so I can look at it and drive it, and listen for the usual problems...

Have I missed anything? I've been approved for BMW Financing @ 2.9% so I know that the dealer is getting that fee, so I was planning to start my offer somewhere around $23,000 and negotiate the rest of the dealer profit.

I know what I'm planning to put down and what loan term I'd like, but they have no idea and I don't plan on telling them until we come to terms on the price.


- John