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^ well I called it, Wisconsin kept the running game going and the only way it happened was to get 2 possessions up on Ohio State, and early at that. That KO return really killed us and gave UW the momentum for the first half.

But our defense was the one that really let us down. Wisconsin beat us at our own game which was smash mouth football. After the game was pulled within 3, our D had to stop UW, not only did we give up the TD, we let them drive down the field and it ate all the time. Props to Wisconsin, we all knew this was going to be the danger game this year.

That said, I think this year in College Football, it's going to piss everyone off. They are setting up for a Boise State - TCU match up in the championship game, which only means one 5 years we'll be going to a playoff system. Neither BSU or TCU deserves it.

Great games tonight, and a great slate next week! I love college football.