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Originally Posted by gobobbie View Post
Anyone know how to track a delivery when you don't know the VIN? I know it's probably a stupid question but I've been notified my e93 is due to arrive in Australia approx October 30. Was wondering if there is a usual company used for shipping bmws to Australia from Europe, and if I can work backwards from there?
As stated in the original post, the following link will track the shipping of your car (Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics)...

For those who have their VIN, enter it in the Cargo ID field, then press <Track>. This seems to work for sedans (built in South Africa and shipped from Durban or Maputo) and convertibles (/coupes?) (built in Germany and shipped from Zeebrugge).

Anyway, after a bit of detective work (went to, searched for a similar model Demo from a dealer in your state, used the VIN and entered it into the tracking website above to find the Vessel Name). I managed to identify a few vessels, MORNING CELLO, TIRRANNA, TOBA, TOSCANA and OTELLO (this is the same vessel that shipped my car a year ago).

You can also do a vessel search using the link below...

It looks like your car is on OTELLO (Voyage: CO026-OTL) due in MELBOURNE on 30/10/2010 (refer to the attached screen shot). Does that look right?
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