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I'm going to reive this post and add my humble opinion!

If you are used to shopping at "regular" car dealers, Luxury AutoxChange can look like a shady place.

Typical sales, they will do ANYTHING to make the sale. This doesn't mean they are "bad" people, they just want to make a sale and will tell you anything to close the deal.

They don't "inspect" the cars and "send them back" if they are not the best examples out there. Whatever they have, they just want to move them.

For the buyer, this means you might get a good car and at a good price or you will get a bad car at what you think is a good price.

They only way is to be sure is to take the car to a body shop and have it insepected, than take it to a mechanic and have it inspected.

FWIW, I purchased a BMW from the bankrupt Luxury Motors in Downers grove and it was perfectly fine. I had it inspected at a body shop, indpendent BMW mechanic and had the history pulled from a BMW dealer. The best part I save a couple thousand compared to other cars.