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Originally Posted by AndreM818 View Post
I have an e92 09/06 build...pre 07. Can I get this kit and everything will be alright? Also, is there a difference between the high quality non slim ballast and slim ballast? Whats the difference performance and reliability wise.
I got the upgraded ballasts with 4300K bulbs and they are awesome. I spoke to the guy there and he said the slim ballasts work great for the E92. The upgraded ballasts would work great too and are required only for the E90 due to differences in the Canbus design. I was told the upgraded ballasts are a normal sized ballast, not the slim design, and they have room for the larger higher quality chips and capacitors and that was the main difference between them besides the upgraded canbus technology. Both are very reliable and they pretty much perform the same. I figured since the price was not that much more to just go with the ballast upgrade. A friend of mine has the slims in his E92 and they look exactly the same as mine on start up and once they warm up.