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Originally Posted by Ghines1279 View Post
i just stumbled on this, and you are a doucher. I hope your out of business and your house is foreclosed.
I guess foreclosure is a fate well known in Florida.

Again, I wasn't disrespectful or calling anyone names... no one has ever spoken to my original question. I'll repeat it - what good do the specs do? Are they specifications using any known tolerances, deviations, industry standard measurement methods? No. Do they capture any ways in which the system sounds different from another?

Let's put this another way... since this post, it's been reported by a few people (not me, btw) that you can take a Logic 7 system, install a JBL MS-8 with like half as much power per channel compared to the Logic 7 amp, and with higher distortion (I haven't measured it, but given that we're retaining all the distortion of the Logic 7 signal chain, then running it into an analog front end, then digitizing it, then processing it AGAIN, and then converting it to analog AGAIN and amplifying it AGAIN, it can't have LESS distortion), use a small amp on the woofers, and you get MUCH better sounding results than with the Logic 7 system.

To summarize - Logic 7 + MS-8 = more distortion, less power, much better sound.

So, again, back to my question - does anyone have a way to use these specs to tell them anything about how the system sounds?

And a new question - WTH is a "doucher"? (Another FL reference?)
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