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Originally Posted by ajsalida View Post
Nice thread here. Why are you either going back to the 18's or Bilsteins? Also did you measure the drop before/after on the springs? And did you get a new alignment after the spring install? Thanks.

Have a 335xi e92 as well and considering similar upgrade path. 19" wheels/tires, then ZSP springs, then Bilsteins + Eibach. Recently dumped the OEM RFT's for Conti's (AS) for winter use only, did not expect such a huge difference. That has me wondrnig how good this car could get with a little bit more aggressive but streetable suspension & tires.
I did not measure before only after , but visually you can see a big difference I would say between 1inch the back and 1 1/2 inches in front
I measured 14 in front and 13 1/2 in rear

I have been negligent on the alignment and I have not done it yet , the car does track straight tough at 70-75 and no weird tread wear