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Originally Posted by ergoyo View Post
I solved my warning message problem. It had nothing to do with the HPFP or with any codes. It was the entire injectors rack which was jacked!! Yup, '08 335i with 21k miles, bought a month ago and BMW certified. Spent 3 days at the dealer and they had no idea what the problem was at first, so they had to email back and forth the BMW Injectors GURU somewhere in the East coast who directed the entire operation remotely, and at the end, his diagnosis was, replace entire injector rack and reset computers. After that, problem entirely gone!!
I know because I got a hold of the service sheet and all this together with error message codes, etc was in there.
Nowhere did it say that they picked up any other funky codes in addition to the injectors issue.
So, in my case I think it was just bad luck and that the mod had very likely nothing to do with the injectors going bad. It was really cool while I had it and all, but just in case, I am not unplugging that connector again. It just gives me a bad feeling now...
I'm curious to know the build date of your car as I just had exactly the same issue and replaced the injector rack
my car is an 08 335xi coupe build date 11/07

As for the plug mine has been unplugged for 2 months now and I asked my service technician to specifically check for codes around that and he said nothing came up, he is actually telling other customer about it now ,