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Originally Posted by BMW3FXD View Post
Also re-checked the cable situation in the UK with my dealer. He has now confirmed there is some confusion because a standard cable (which works partially) is supplied but the iPod specifc cable (which works fully) is not. He also confirmed the part number for iPod one is 61 12 0 422 099.

All I can say is thank god for this forum. Without it I would never found out about 6FL in the first place!
I went by my U.K. dealer and the guy flat out told me that they cannot do anything for me until they get in the new parts CD so they can find the part I want to order! I had him show me every part in the 3 series (referencing stereo cables) and all he could find where the MOST connectors and the Aux Port in glove box cable. He then looked under the 5 series parts and found a part called "Cable Adapter for Apple IPod" and I rejoiced! That must be the part I say...but alas there is no picture to confirm what it looks like. He then proceeded to argue with me that it was for a 5 series and not a 3 series. I attempted to explain that is doesn't matter...since the USB/3.5mm jack are standard no matter what car you have (maybe location IN the car may be...but a USB is a USB). I left in disgust....AGAIN.

Now that I am armed with the information you provided...I'm going to call as soon as they open this morning and get one on order...or starting calling other dealers here in Suffolk until I find one who will.

EDIT: Ok...I take it all back. I just called and talked to the parts department and they DO have the adapter ON ORDER, it has just not been released by BMW. So...I must publicly apologize for ripping on my local dealer. Instead...I will publicly rip on BMW for making 6FL cars but NOT having the adapter in the cars or dealers when they arrive.
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