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Originally Posted by mr_blond
I'm new to this world and was wondering if the oil filter can be changed without changing the oil. After a 7.5k oil change and the dealer paid 15k oil change I had the idea to change the oil filter every 7.5k and then having the oil services done every 15k. Is this possible and/or reasonable? Make any sense?
I had the same idea. I decided to look at the oil after break-in (1550 mi) and see how it looked. If it looked OK, I'd just change the filter. If it looked bad, I'd change the oil too. Why change anything? Because all break-in is is wearing off of metal shavings inside the engine. Big shavings get caught by the filter (shortening its life). Small shavings are too small for the filter to catch, so they just flow through the engine, which doesn't sound like it could possibly be a good thing.
So, I looked at the oil (by opening up the filter compartment) and saw lots of metal flake in the oil. Based on that, I changed the oil and filter both. I'll take another look at the oil at around 5K miles.
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