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Originally Posted by sneaks View Post
Just had to try it. Yes, the 4 wheel drive system is disengaged. The car felt much more like my friends 328i minus the torque.

Easily spins the rear with a little left foot braking in second gear! (lotsa fun)

But the best part was the unexpected bonus when i put the fuse back in. Im not going to tell anyone yet, to avoid the placebo effect. Go try it, and i will tell you what I noticed in a couple days. Don't worry; no warning lights stay on, the wipers return to their normal operation. It was a very subtle improvement I noticed.

So get out there! If it is raining your wipers will remain on and it will be super easy to verify RWD.
You got PM! ohhh and with a JB3, you dont even have to do a brake boost to rip them loose, all you do is tap on the gas and ur going sideways!