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Originally Posted by Murph335 View Post
Is stimpy the most modded around?
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If you here (not saying you should of) but I might be parting out come Mid January if you want a pair of LCI lights with LUX 5.1. Just encase you can't find anything by then. I haven't done my research but I think stimpy can be the most modded around, I would say followed by me for e9x's not sure though, I never seen anyones car yet. If a couple of you want to do something Sunday, I'm down like a syndrome . Is there a cars and coffee in PHX?
I think I am the most modded e90/e92 out here - fuck I never thought about that. Certainly puts things into perspective and makes my wallet hurt

Only thing I'm really lacking is meth which I'm not sure I'm going to do and if I decide too, it wouldn't be until it starts warming up next summer.

I know there isn't specifically a Phoenix Cars & Coffee but I know there's weekly meets in Scottsdale and other random events. It wouldn't be a bad idea to roll out to Tucson to check out one of their meets either - they typically have some pretty wild cars showing up.

What size are your wheels Murph? Running an aggressive setup + spacers?