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Exclamation Lifters ticking? Some sort of air pump?

I know there are several threads posted about "ticking noise from engine" on the forum, but not too many specifically address the N54 engine. (or i'm blind...)

There is a sticky thread [HERE] that addresses a very similar noise (if not the same) but on N/A engines (325/328/etc.)

I only occasionally hear the noise during warm idle. Not sure yet if it's RPM dependent, but will check next time the noise returns. So far have not noticed anything on cold start.
At first I though it was some sort of air pump (due to being intermittent), but an audio clip of lifters ticking on the previously mentioned thread sounds almost exactly like mine.

Car is going to dealership very soon for warranty work (AE bulb burnt out, clunk from front end when turning, etc) Of course I'm going to mention this as a concern, but wanted to get more feedback...

I also ordered a BT cable today. Will scan for any codes as soon as it arrives and see if they match up to what the dealership finds...

I apologize in advance if this exact scenario/symptoms/issue was posted 1000x before, but I didn't really find anything useful or current when I did a thorough search of the forum.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Hopefully other new members having the same symptoms on their N54 engines will find this easier than threads from 2006/07


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