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Originally Posted by e90pilot View Post
From what I gather, those wires go to the cam position sensor and the valve control modules will open the valves at the correct rpm regardless of which plug you use. Those pluges, in essence, give the valves rpm info.

I just confirmed that this is NOT correct. I have both the small and large DISA valves in my possession, and just tested the wires a few minutes ago. One of the wires is a low signal wire, and one is a high rpm signal wire.

I connected both valves to the same wire, and they both opened at 2800rpm or so. I then switched to the other wire, and both valves opened at like 4500 rpm.

So yes, the wires make a difference. If you swap them, the wrong valve will open up in the midrange, and probably cause a power loss.

EDIT: this image posted by issabmw shows which wire is which

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