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Damn, that E55 was fast. Wonder what kind of work was done to it. 119mph in the Qtr!. I have seen the IS350 listed in Road&Track at 4.9 0-60, and 13.5@103.1mph in the qtr mile. On the same summary they have the 335i listed at 5.0 sec. 0-60mph, and 13.5@104.5mph. So the IS350 gets a pretty good launch, and that is with an automatic. The 335i was a stick, and quite frankly, I think the magazine would have tested quicker 0-60mph with the automatic. But 0-100mph the 335i is .4sec quicker at 12.4sec compared to 12.7sec for the IS350, and my M3 is under 12 seconds.

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